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The Angel

The angel was a cupbearer for those who were being wed. He had seen so many wedding feasts that he saw little joy in the celebration. But one day as he brought the bridal cup to to a new husband and wife he overheard him whisper to his beloved "You are mine and i am yours."
and for a moment he was bathed in their reflected love. As soon as his duties concluded he hurried home. She was sitting on a large chest, sewing. He put his arms about his surprised lover.
"Let us be wed and let the world see our love." He whispered.
She was taken aback.
"Why now, my love?"
He shrugged and smiled.
"For you are mine and i am yours."
She wept for joy held him closer still and said "I am yours and you are mine. But first you must talk to your sons and my children and then return to me for i have something to show you.
He went first to her children.
"I wish to wed your mother, do we have your blessing?."
"Yes! They we bless you both and all we wonder is why it took you so long to ask for her hand."
He replied smiling
"Your answer is..For i am a silly fool."
The smallest one spoke.
" We have something for you."
She ran to the little garden the children shared, and returned with a small clay cup of earth, in which a small white flower grew. This she presented, with great gravity, to the bemused angel. It was tiny with a thin stem with whorled petals aglow.
"What is this beautiful plant? I know it not."
"On the first day you came to us in our little garden a new bud sprouted and now it is grown to this.I am surprised you do not recognise it. Its name is Love and it can never die."
"But it is so small."
She canted her head one side and looked up at him.
"But that just means it has a long time left to grow and flourish."
He took the flower and went to see his own sons.
"My boys! I will be married. Will you join me in celebration?"
They all cheered and danced around him in joy.
"Yes father we will, but there is a condition."
The angels heart dropped within him for a moment. The oldest produced, from under his bed, a long canvas bag, from which he drew a stout wooden staff. He handed it to his father saying.
"This you must carry on the day of your wedding so that all may see."
The angel held the smooth wood and running his hand along the grain asked
"From what tree was this hewn? i do not recognise its type or its honeyed colour."
"It has always been here as long as you have been our father. It is called Faith and can not be lost or broken. Carry it with you for it is our standard and symbol."
The angel returned to his beloved as promised, carrying his gifts. She greeted him with a smile and a kiss.
"I have something for you my love."
She opened the chest he had earlier seen and from it she took a robe of shimmering patches sewen together with black thread. She put it on his shoulders as he stood agape.
"It looks well on you."
"It is beautiful, how can you have so much of this precious fabric?"
She pointed to the open chest which was almost full of the iridescent, hand sized, patches of cloth.
"I have more than enough."
"I do not recognise the fabric but it the most wonderful cloth in the world. Where does it come from?"
"It is called Joy and each is a piece you have given me and that is why i have so much."
"But i have brought you pain too."
"That is the thread."
She took his hand and made to bring him with her. "Now let us go to prepare. I will need a new linen gown"
"But the beautiful patches." He stammered "Can you not fashion a gown the match of my own?"
She smiled, stroked his puzzled face from ear to jaw.
"Not enough thread My love. Not half enough."
Then laughing she pulled him out into the street to tell all her friends her news, and the angel once again wondered at how little he knew.

- Author Unknown -


O Lord, take my love, and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee;
O Lord, take my hands, and let them work incessantly for Thee;
O Lord, take my soul, and let it be merged in One with Thee;
O Lord, take my mind and thoughts, and let them be in tune with Thee;
O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument to work for Thee.

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