Monday, September 7, 2015

Subserve the Many in the One

You wear coloured glasses and see everything through these glasses.  Correct your vision; the world will get corrected.  Reform yourselves; the world will get reformed.  You create the world of your choice.  You see many because you seek the many, not the One.  Try to subsume the many in the One; the physical bodies of yourselves and others, the family, the village, the community, the state, the nation, the world.  Thus, progressively march on towards more and more inclusive loyalties and reach the stage of unity, in thought, words and deed.  This is the sadhana of Love, for Love is expansion, inclusion, mutualisation.  The individual has to be universalised, expanded into Viswaswarupa.

- Baba -


O Lord, take my love, and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee;
O Lord, take my hands, and let them work incessantly for Thee;
O Lord, take my soul, and let it be merged in One with Thee;
O Lord, take my mind and thoughts, and let them be in tune with Thee;
O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument to work for Thee.

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