Thursday, October 8, 2015

The 'I' in you is God

If you deny God, it is as if you deny yourself.  There is no God, you declare; but, you assert that "I exist".  Well, who is that 'I' that exists, that exists throughout the varying stages of growth, physical and mental, in joy and in grief?  That 'I' is God; believe it.  For that 'I' sees with the eye, tastes with the tongue, walks with the feet, argues with the intelligence; but all the while, it is conscious that it is separate from all these.  When you affirm, "There is no God," you first assert and then declare the absence of that entity.  You assert the non-existence of something that 'is'.  That 'I' must be conceived as a wave of the ocean of God, not as the first person singular.  That 'first' person leads you into the world of fear and greed.  My house, my village, my community, my district, my language - it entangles itself thus more and more inextricably.

- Baba -


O Lord, take my love, and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee;
O Lord, take my hands, and let them work incessantly for Thee;
O Lord, take my soul, and let it be merged in One with Thee;
O Lord, take my mind and thoughts, and let them be in tune with Thee;
O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument to work for Thee.

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