Thursday, January 5, 2017


“My search is over – I have found God.”

How many times have I lost something and searched frantically for it, only to discover that it was right under my nose the whole time? I was so intent on finding what I had lost that I looked right past it.

Something similar may happen in my search for truth and for the answer to the age-old question, ‘Who am I?’ The answer is so close to me that I might be overlooking it – the answer is God in me.

So I take a look at myself. Do I see the light of God shining forth from my eyes? Ah, yes, there it is! In that light I see that I am a beloved child of God, made in the divine image. God created me to express spirituality. If I have been looking here and there to become more spiritual, my search is over. The spirit of God is and always has been within me.

“When you search for me, you will find me.”
- Jeremiah 29:13

(From : 'Daily Word' by Colleen Zuck)
Copyright reserved by the Author


O Lord, take my love, and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee;
O Lord, take my hands, and let them work incessantly for Thee;
O Lord, take my soul, and let it be merged in One with Thee;
O Lord, take my mind and thoughts, and let them be in tune with Thee;
O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument to work for Thee.

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