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I Am Brahman

All thoughts, words, and deeds should be dedicated to the Divine.  When the thoughts, which are prelude to action, are centered on God, they are unlikely to go astray.  Aham (the Ego) arises from the Atma.  Thoughts are produced by the ego and give rise to speech.  Hence, all actions are based on the Atma.  When all these are sanctified by dedication to God, the consciousness of oneness with Brahman, Aham Brahmasmi (I am Brahman), ensues.  That Brahman is Prajna (constant integrated awareness).
(26 Sep 1987, SSS 20:21)

Sai Darshan, Part 2 - 101

As I walk amongst you today,
I come to enrich you,
Enrich you with the knowledge
Of the self,
I come to you,
To identify yourselves to you,
To make you realize the commonness
Of you and of each one around you,
The commonness between you and Me,
Divine Love !
From : 'Sai Darshan' - Part II
(Divine Messages received and recorded by Mrs Seema M Dewan)

Be Blessed- 157

Christmas Giving

Christmas 1940 makes me misty-eyed every time I think about it. I was a high school student in California’s San Joaquin Valley. In the hard times of the era, people depended on one another. We collected food, clothing, bedding and household items and gave them to the needy.
We saved the toys we collected for Christmas. The home economics classes made new dresses for the dolls, while the shop classes turned lumber into trucks, games and other toys.
That Christmas we students found ourselves wrapping toys and loading packages for delivery. As we presented the gifts, we saw joy in many faces, especially those of the children.
We had a few more visits to make on Christmas morning. The air was heavy and chilled us to the bone. A rancher offered us his truck for deliveries, and we gratefully accepted. For several hours, we knocked on doors. But as the cold hours passed, our enthusiasm gradually waned.
When we finally headed home, someone pointed to a small house down a canal bank. Although there were no electric or telephone lines running to the structure, smoke curled from the chimney. The house stood bleak in the forlorn terrain that surrounded it.
None of us knew who lived there, and we wondered if there were children. We still had a doll, two trucks, assorted small toys, chocolate Santas and a box of groceries. We decided to make one last visit. Three of us climbed down from the truck bed and gathered the gifts.
Mud sucked at our boots, slowing our progress. When we knocked on the door, a young woman whose dark hair was tied back with a red ribbon answered it. Three small children peeked from behind her skirt—a little girl of about 2, and boys perhaps 4 and 5 years old. The mother put an arm around the toddler and looked at us questioningly.
“Merry Christmas,” we chorused as we bent down and handed the gift-wrapped packages to the children and the box of groceries to the mother, whose eyes widened with amazement. She slowly smiled, then quickly said, “Come in.”
The catch in her voice was sufficient for us to accept her invitation. We removed our boots and stepped inside.
I knelt to reach the little girl, and it was then that I looked around the room. The linoleum floor was worn but spotless. Bleached flour-sack curtains hung at the windows. Neatly made beds occupied one corner of the room and the kitchen another. A small stove furnished heat.
As I turned back to the children, dressed in clean, neatly patched clothes, I noticed several green tree branches standing upright in a dirt-filled pot. A red cloth circled the base. Can lids and paper angels hung on strings, and a tiny paper star graced the treetop. Streamers of popcorn completed the decorations.
The room was silent as the children looked at their mother, wondering if the gifts were really for them. The little girl hugged her doll, and the boys grasped the trucks as they sought an answer. She put her arms around them and said in a choked voice, “I told you Santa Claus would come.”

- by Beverly Roberts Jostad, Salem, Oregon -

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wellspring Of Life

The ways of answered prayer for healing are as infinite as God is infinite.
- Mary L Kupferle

I may be more aware of God's healing life when I have a need for healing or when someone I love is going through a health challenge.

Yet, I know that the life and energy of God are always active within me and within the ones I love, bringing about healing.  What my awareness of God does is to keep me cooperating with my own healing.  At anytime, I can tap into the wellspring of life within to find the strength and energy I need.

The life of God fills me through and through!  From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, divine life surges through my body, renewing and restoring me.  Alive with the life of God, I say, "Thank You, thank You, God!  I am energized, I am whole, I am well, I am healed!"

The life of God within heals me and gives me strength.

(From : 'Daily Word' magazine by Silent Unity, a world wide prayer ministry)  

Good Thoughts

A perfume applied to the body might please the company around, but good thoughts and sweet conversation will please them more and for a longer time.  As soap is for the body, truth is for speech; both have a high cleansing effect.  The tongue has to speak softly and sweetly; the eye has to seek and see symmetry, harmony and beauty, the glow of Divine Ecstasy, and the splendor of Divine Charm.  The uncontrolled tongue indulges in four sins; lying, scandalizing, vain gossip and wanton fault finding.
(17 Feb 1980, SSS 14:46)

A Mistake


Behind closed eyes
the world falls away
a whirl of empty sensation
with no boundary
drowning thought
in a silent symphony
burning the body
in painless effigy
when eyes open again
the world is cleansed
only perfection remains
the room is resplendent
with the absence of illusion

- Nirmala -

Sai Darshan II, Part 1 - Message 101

Sai Darshan II, Part 1 - Message 101

 Let Me tell you of the nine ways that you can reach Me.

1.  Always hear of My stories.

2.  After hearing them, speak of them and spread the glory of My truth.

3.  Always think of them inside your heart and know that I am with you.

4.  Spend your time in My worship.  Whoever you see... whatever you do, is Me alone. Treat all with the same love.

5.  Always focus on My feet so you can recognise the right way... the fruitful way... the way where there is no ego!

6.  In whatever you do, you must be aware of serving Me and Me alone.  Whatever desire you have to give up to do that, you must.  You must not be bound by any possession or relationship when you are serving Me.

7.  Always remember I alone am your friend...  All your relationships can merely last between birth and death.  You are with me before your birth... during your life... during death... and even after... until you become timeless in Me.  Depend on Me alone.

8.  To be more loyal to Me than even yourself, you have to give your complete self to Me.  You cannot even belong to yourself, once you have attached yourself completely to Me.  You must place your complete faith in Me, then only will I be able to do what I have already willed.  Even the faith I alone shall grace you with, when I see not even a slight trace of your ego.

9.  Last of all, you have to even give to Me the soul that realises that grace... that feels fulfilled in My love... that knows nothing else other than Me... That, too, you must offer and enter My Self forever!

These are the nine steps that you will have to take.  Until the eighty step, you shall be aware of your journey to Me.  Until that step, you can be a leader and teach your fellow man the ways to take... the ways to avoid... the ways to build... and the ways to destroy.

But, after that step... no one shall be able to tell the rest... for the rest, endless silence in which you... I... and the truth remain full, complete... blissful... and timeless.  If you remember these steps alone... that is enough!  These are the nine ways to reach Me...

(Extract from : Sai Darshan II written by Seema M Dewan)


O Lord, take my love, and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee;
O Lord, take my hands, and let them work incessantly for Thee;
O Lord, take my soul, and let it be merged in One with Thee;
O Lord, take my mind and thoughts, and let them be in tune with Thee;
O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument to work for Thee.

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