Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Count My Blessings

There’s always so much to be done,
It makes me feel stressed and blue,
Another lady sits alone and bored
There’s not much for her to do.

I don’t know what to cook for dinner,
Am sick of chicken, pasta or rice.
A homeless man rummages in a bin,
Thinking a slice of bread would be nice.

My teenager's music is far too loud,
It’s almost driving me crazy.
Others are strung out on drugs,
Their minds all muddled and hazy.

My husband’s late home from work,
I find this annoying each day
Another husband’s looking for work,
A long time since he had a pay.

Thinking how others struggle in life,
Then who am I to complain?
Having so much to be thankful for,
Will count all my blessings again.

~ Author Unknown ~

Monday, May 23, 2016



Man is suffering because he cannot rid himself of the greed for sense objects and sense-pleasures. He knows that he has to give up whatever he earns and collects, sooner or later; but yet, his attachment waxes instead of waning, as years go by.

(From : Sai Veda, The Word of God,  sayings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba)


“I am thankful for the caregivers of the world.”

I may not remember the first step I took, my first day at school, or the first time I felt truly on my own, but I do have a real sense of how blessed I was by the people who loved me and helped me through these experiences.

Caregivers have held my hand, given me encouraging words, and offered me prayer support that helped me over the rough spots in life. Such support transcends the physical world and connects me in a spirit of oneness with loving, caring people.

The love of God is expressed by family, friends, teachers, health care workers, and all others who have helped me to know that I can accomplish more than I ever realized at the time. Yes, I am so thankful for caregivers!

“But we were gentle among you, like a nurse tenderly caring for her own children.”
- 1 Thessalonians 2:7

(From : 'Daily Word' by Colleen Zuck)
Copyright reserved by the Author

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Truth

"Who did this?" asked my teacher. Thirty children tried to think about not only what they had done, but also what our teacher may have found out. "Who did this?" asked my teacher once more. She wasn't really asking, she was demanding an answer. She seldom became angry, but she was this time. She held up a piece of broken glass and asked, "Who broke this window?"

"Oh, oh," I thought. I was the one who broke the window. I had not done it intentionally. It was caused by an errant throw of a baseball. I was working on my knuckleball. It needed more work. Why did it have to be me? It wasn't really my fault. If I admitted guilt, I would be in a lot of trouble. How would I be able to pay for a big window like that? I didn't even get an allowance. "My father is going to have a fit," I thought. I didn't want to raise my hand, but some force much stronger than I was pulled it skyward. I told the truth. "I did it." I said no more. It was hard enough saying what I had.

My teacher went to one of our library shelves and took down a book. She then began walking towards my desk. I had never known my teacher to strike a student, but I feared she was going to start with me and she was going to use a book for the swatting. 

"I know how you like birds," she said as she stood looking down at my guilt-ridden face. "Here is that field guide about birds that you are constantly checking out. It is yours. It's time we got a new one for the school anyway. The book is yours and you will not be punished as long as you remember that I am not rewarding you for your misdeed, I am rewarding you for your truthfulness."

I couldn't believe it! I wasn't being punished and I was getting my very own bird field guide. The very one that I had been saving up money to buy. The money I feared would be going to the school to buy a new window. I wore out that book trying to match the live, flying birds to their depictions in that field guide. The book is gone, so is my wonderful teacher. All that remains of that day is my memory and the lesson my teacher taught me. That lesson stays with me every day and it will echo forever.

- Author Unknown -

GEM 73

A disciplined life is the best offering you can make to the country or to the Divine in you.

(From : Garland of 1008 Gems, Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba's Sayings)

Divine Thought - 54

Eternal Sai - 189

Be fearless. Lead your life without fear disturbing it. Do not be guided by the opinions and advice of others around you into actions not in line with your conscience.

(SS - December 1999, Pg 356)


O Lord, take my love, and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee;
O Lord, take my hands, and let them work incessantly for Thee;
O Lord, take my soul, and let it be merged in One with Thee;
O Lord, take my mind and thoughts, and let them be in tune with Thee;
O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument to work for Thee.

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